LaRocca Seafood
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Larocca Family: Paul, Mike, Laura and Nick
LaRoccas: (Left to Right) Paul, Mike, Laura and Nick


Father Al and Grandfather Leo LaRocca with an early delivery truck

A. La Rocca Sea Food has been delivering top quality sea food to San Francisco's finest restaurants and hotels since 1906.

We are recognized as a family operated wholesale distributor of top quality sea food with competitive pricing and superior service and reliability.

Owners, Michael, Nicholas, and Paul La Rocca are proud to be the fourth generation to run the family business.

This new generation started in 1985.


Mike with FRESH Fish

We take pride in participating in all aspects of A. Larocca's daily activities. Inspecting products for quality, securing products for tomorrow's menus, and making sure that all deliveries are on schedule.

When you call to place an order, you speak with an owner, and we over see all aspects of your order and guarantee top quality sea food with every delivery.

A. La Rocca is licensed by the Department of Fish and Game to purchase directly from local fishing vessels as well as in Washington state, Oregon, and Canada.

HACCP Certified

Our state of the art processing facility is approved by the FDA, and all of our products are purchased from fishing vessels or H.A.C.C.P. certified suppliers and brokers.

All of our shellfish comes from certified waters and are tagged with harvest dates and harvest areas. We pass all inspections implemented by all state, local and federal health services.